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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


So to some of you Brixton might seem like the kind of place you NEVER want to go amongst most it does not have the kindest reputation. Rather than try to change your mind im going to revel in that fact, as quite franckly thats good news for me. It means that less of you get into my secret fabric heaven........

I went down fabric heaven last Saterday  to pic out some fabric with a friend/collueauge/client of mine who wants me to make a bespoke skirt for her. It was nice to show her around and take her to see some of my fabric shop friends. 

I have not let myself step foot in any of those shops for so long as it always ends up being expensive. Well Saturday was no different......my friend picked out her fabric really quickly a little bit of umming and ahring while I pulled out 6 yard length after 6yard length saying I only want a little look I'm not hear to buy. I have fabric up to the ceiling in my studio I defiantly don't need anymore.

Hard to walk away but I did it.......but not for long..........I suggested we head over to another little African print shop in Brixton Village again greeted with 'hey long time no see'. All i wanted to do was have a quick peek but then one thing lead to another and i had no choice but to pick up these corkers.

I am an addict I swear there is nothing I can do about it its out of my control! even if there was a Fabric Addicts Anonymous I don't think I would want to go because in all honesty I LOVE it 

Monday, 9 May 2011

I have a website

So if you have been living under a bush this week or don't know me personally you might have missed the fact that i now have a website.......
Oh I have been waiting for this day to come for so so long......but i feel like all my hard work has paid off.
I hope you think so to
you can have a look on www.annaagyekum.com
and if you really love it you can buy something :)
and if you want one of your very own you can contact Jonny : what@andwhat.com

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Making bits and bobs

I have been trying to finish off old projects and make a couple of little dresses for some of my friends kids so i thought i would post the pics here. When i am making things for myself i like to take a little break form designing and use some of the great patterns that are out there......

So first up this little number, it is now completely finished but these pics were taken while i was still int he process of putting it together 

This pattern is form the beautiful online vintage pattern shop http://www.colettepatterns.com/ If your new to the game or fancy giving sewing a go there are lots to chose form. The patterns are so cleverly designed and the instructions so easy to follow they make a perfect place to start. 
I will post some pics of me in the dress at my country wedding at the end of this month.

My second little project was a dress for my Streatham neighbors (well they were but they just moved). They have the most beautiful daughter and i could not resist making her a little Hawaiian print number. Look how lovely she looks :)

Again i can take all the credit for this one. The pattern was loaded up onto a great sight for sewers called burdastyle.com and you can find it by searching for popover dress.

That's all for now but i have been super busy so more creations to come