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Monday, 7 November 2011

Hat Maker Hat Maker Make Me A Hat......

Ahhhhhhhhhh I have been so behind with my blogging it actually feels embarrassing to start again. But I will put my red face aside and get back on it.

First up this week a hen party fascinator class in Dorset (ok this happened a little while ago maybe even two months ago hence the red face). Me and Miss Jazz (my super star legend of a best friend) arrived around lunch time under the guise of friends down for the  weekend. We were under strict instructions not to let the cat out of the bag about the hat making class, it was a top secret surprise. So all my goodies remained in the back of the car while we strolled through the village to the local pub. Everyone else in the pub  was suitably dresses in jeans, boots ready for walks in the countryside. Me and Miss Jazz were however all glammed up in high heals, lipstick and vintage dresses. They must have been able to smell the out of towness on us!  I can only guess what the bride thought when we met her! anyway after a bit of whispering and some huge hints for the bride to erm go away she did. Leaving me and Miss Jazz to get back to the house and start to lay out all pritty things so when the unsuspecting bride returned we would be ready to go!
It was great fun to be involved in this covert operation and lovely to see the brides face when she walked in to see all of her friends waiting and a very brightly coloured table.

It was such a good day. I really fget a kick out of seeing the end product every single hat was brillant and all so so different!

It was all in all a great weekend with great people. I have to give thanks at this point as always to my partner in crime Miss Jazz and to Miranda for booking me and her lovely family for looking after us so well!

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