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Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Well she's a artist that polarises people. Even me and Miss Jazz have distinctly different views on her. I say distinctly different I love her and my best friend hates her, I mean that could not be more distinctly different if it tried.
I can understand why some people HATE Bjork she can seem so off the wall it borders on irritating for some. 
For me she is admirable as someone who is never afraid to push the boundary's both fashion and music. Oh how I wish I could be that brave! For me she is an Artist not a pop star, that sounds really pretencious but i really think there is a distinction . For me a pop star is someone like Madonna who's style is so contrived a new image for each album so we can all go, wow look Madonna looks totally different. Not meaning to slag of a woman who has carved out a huge career for herself I mean she is the best at doing just that, reinventing herself. But Bjork is different whenever I see an image of her it takes my breath away. Whenever she is interviewed she comes across like a bundle of exitable thoughts her brain is onto the next subject before she is even half way through the first. Enough of my love in with Bjork have a look at some of her amazing images for yourself. 

And last but not least Crystaline from soon to be released Album Biophilia

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