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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Make your own fascinator part 2

So here we go This is my first time blogging a how to, so if you have any improvements that would make this easier to understand don't be afraid to comment it can only help!

So after you have trimmed your  excess its time to hide it. For this you will need some grosgrain ribbon, chose a colour close to the colour of your felt. I have chosen bright blue so you can see it. Use your magic Gutterman glue (this is the best glue I have ever found all the strength of super glue with non of the sticky fingers). Put a small amount of the glue all around the edge of the hat making sure you have enough excess to turn under (around 1cm)

Turn under the excess and glue it down then press down your edges to make them nice and smooth.

I have chosen to use beads as my decoration so I have begun by gluing beads into the creases of the hat. 

So I have been gluing hundreds of beads on for days so I thought I would show you were I'm at so far. I fain pic to follow soon! only a few hundred left to go!

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