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Monday, 18 July 2011

Cinetetris- Black Cat White Cat

So on Saturday night commenced the first evening of Cinetetris for a couple of lovely lady's, in a flat in east London. The idea of Cinetetris is a group of people come together to watch a film and eat the food form the country of its origin. What sounds like such a simple idea on paper turned out to be a great evening. 
Whenever I get invited along to social events I always go with a sense of dread. A room full of people you don't know is like putting your hand into a bag of revels you never know if or when you might pick an orange one! I think it was a testament to the hosts that in this mixed crowd of people from all over the world everyone was quickly and easily chatting.

The film was called Black Cat White Cat (1998) by Director Emir Kusturica and its country of origin Serbia. That meant we got to sample food of Serbia. This was a totally new experience for me but thanks to the work of super chef Matt, what could have been a slightly iffy menu, was so tasty me and the people I came with went up twice (in fact I defiantly spotted one of them going up for 3rds). So once our bellys were full of Gypsy Chicken, salad and garlic potatoes we were ready to turn the lights down snuggle up and watch the film. And what  a film it was, Black Cat White Cat had me giggling all the way through, its fast pace and slapstick movements were brilliant. I hate to give to much away but I would encourage you all to watch it and either come along to the next one or set up your own Cinitetris.

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  1. We are planning to do the next Cinetetris in September. Everyone is welcome.