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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dreaming about dresses


I feel embarrassed even admitting it but yes i have been going to bed closing my eyes and dreaming about dresses. Not quite Marting Luther King is it? Saying this out loud is like admitting your favorite song is um bop or you love Harry form one direction....sad times!

I think writing this blog has heightened everything i was thinking before.....its more like a little diary of ideas for me. When i write about something exiting (to me of course probably not to everyone) like new fabric it turns me into a super geek and i am sure that i am the most boring person in the world. There is only one person i know that loves talking about sewing as much as i do and for the purposes of this blog she will be know as miss jazz. Oh the emails we send to each other would make most of you fall asleep at your desks! So i wont go into all of that instead I wanted to show you some pretty things i want to use along with the Kenyan fabric i posted yesterday.

MMMMMM lovely leather straps (oh god that does not sound entirely right does it?)

I also want a big fat gold kilt pin or a broach but they are either
to Scottish

or too old and expensive

So i think I'm going to give up on an online search and get out into the wild world and find something or make something myself.....

Oh and back to the dreaming thing..... so i went to sleep thinking about my fabric and what i could do with it and in my head i was thinking something kind of structured and 50's underneath and something a bit like the image below in the draped parts.......

(oh god it pains me to use a pic of this dude but its the only thing i could find that describes what i mean!)

Sorry getting back to the story..... when i woke up this morning Gertie had written a post about almost  the exact dress i had dreamt about.

this probably sounds like the weirdest combination ever but in my mind its beautiful.......
pics to be posted here once its done

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