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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Waving your flag with pride?

In the lead up to THE ROYAL wedding I am seeing the British flag EVERYWHERE even my local swimming pool is flying the flag with pride! It's something that will always make me feel a bit strange as it has become a symbol, for me anyway, of some rather unpleasant things. Its a shame that what should be a representation of national pride has been tinged with the unpleasantness of the far right.
Historically flags have been used by all nations as a representation of pride and I hope the coming days will aide in changing my view a little and seeing this as great time to be British forgetting the associated negatives.
A tentative link i know but i thought i would take this opportunity to show you some of the beautifully hand crafted Fante Asafo flags of Ghana.
These flags are hand crafted and have a strong link to colonialism (maybe not such a tedious link after all!)

If your interested You can read more about the history of Fante flags here

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