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Friday, 22 April 2011

Photo shoot insperation

It so important to get an idea of what it is you like and how you want your shoot to look. I always have a million things going round in my head. As i said in an earlier post my models for my next shoot are all dancers. I want to get a combination of a 1950's tropical pin up images and a more physical image showing the bodies and the muscular form of a dancer.
 I went to see an exhibition at the V&A of costumes and images of the Ballet Russes. The photographs in that exhibition were very striking i loved the positioning of the dancers and how there physicality is the main focus of the image.

I have found some beautiful Tropical pin up pictures and i think the combination of the two will eliminate the potential cheesiness of the pin up pics.


I cant wait to see the final images i hope they come out how i see them in my minds eye.

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