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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tasty new fabric

So after all my bleating on about East African fabric I thought it was time to actually bag some of my very own so I did just that.......

Check out these lovelies........

 They are winging there way to me as I write this I cant wait to see the colours and pattern in the flesh. Just got to decide what to do with them now better get my thinking cap on.
Oh and just in case your a fabric buff the cloth is called Kikoy the ones I have chosen have been woven and made in Kenya East Africa. (Dont want to over face you with regurgitated facts but if you want to know more give them a google, there are plenty more articulate descriptions on-line than i could ever give). It is traditionally worn as a sarong drape or wrap, I always feel sad and a little bit guilty when I cut these beautiful things up. I hope I will do them justice with my design, with a couple of details  thrown in as a reference the their present and there past.
Every time I find something new I promise Iwill post the follow up on here so I better stop writing and start sewing !!!

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