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Friday, 15 April 2011

Think I might be a little bit in love with everything from Ghana

OK so that is a massive over statement..... but it might seem like that to an outsider I mean I do love to bang on about Ghana more than a little bit.....
Well this post is dedicated to some Ghanaian musicians I cave come across in the last couple of years.
First up Wanlov the Kubolor
His new album describes him better than I ever could......

I met him for the first time last year on a sunny day in Camden. I had just finished work and looked like desk slave. Wanlov was the exact opposite all long dreads skirt and no shoes, as soon as I walked around the corner he was totally unmistakable. I was only going to meet him to pick up his and M3nsas DVD "Coz Ov Moni"  The first ever pidgin musical.....but he invited me into his home offered me food and water and made me feel like a friend.

It was defiantly worth the trek  film is very funny! well worth a watch.He does not stop at musicals you should check out his new album Brown Card- African Gypsy well worth a listen.
and a little sample to wet your appetite 

Defiantly not to be forgotten his partner in crime M3nsa who's album no1 mango street has been playing on repeat since I bought it. I honestly cant get enough i put it on last week and everyone at home was shaking their bottom in appreciation!

So while you scrape your cash together to go out an buy it here is  his song about what you can do while you roast my favorite  food......

Oh and just in case you fancy preparing this delicious snack

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