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Friday, 17 June 2011

Dancing Round The Front Room

So I'm taking things a little more personal today. Its Fathers day in the UK this weekend so without being soppy or banging on about how my dad is the best in the world. I thought I would share my favorite  memory of growing up.
So Sundays were chill out day the day you were able to stay in your pjs till really late without being told off. The day we had bacon and eggs for breakfast and the day the music would go on full blast in the front room.  We would all gather in the front room mum dad me and my two brothers and dance around in dressing gowns. My parents introduced me to all kinds of music from Motown to Ska and Blues.
So I thought I would share some of the family favorites with you.

not so much of a dancing tune but I used to be mesmerised by this song growing up with its mildly threatening nature! 

We used to go and see Nine below Zero live allot when we were kids up on my dads shoulders while he would jig around. These are all great memory's for me. In fact my dad still loves to hear new music and when I spoke to him the other day he recommended these guys so if you haven't heard of them before here are Vintage Trouble on the Jools Holland show. In fact they are playing all around the UK soon so if you like them you can check them out I'm told its only £7 a ticket for there solo shows! http://www.vintagetrouble.com/shows.html

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