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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

M.K Asante

Wow, I've just had a bit of a morning watching a CNN interview with M.K Asante. What a guy! sorry to be slightly inarticulate but I think I maybe lost for words (not something that happens very often) and inspired to go out and learn more and defiantly read some of his writing.
As I have become more and more involved in writing this blog. I find new inspiration everyday. As a creative, its hard to follow your hart. Its something so brave that only the few keep on going.
I don't want to romanticise the perusal of creativity because its a hard road to take but whenever I see someone like, M.K Asante, being so eloquent and sure of his vision its a boost and reason to keep on going.
I have been trying to upload the clips form you tube all morning and frustratingly it just wont let me so instead find out more by clicking these links.
Better get going got some new books to read and some new films to watch!

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