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Friday, 24 June 2011

A Place Where Your Dreams Can come true!

I have found the website of my dreams! I am always so up for learning new things. In fact I am totally self taught with both clothes making and hat making.
As a young dyslexic growing up was pretty tough.... no need to bring out the violins but for a long time I thought I could not learn anything. It took me until the age of 12 the learn how to tell the time so you can only imagine how hard Pythagoras's theorem was!
Art was really my only hope and has been the only thing I have really excelled in in life and when things get tough the thing that keeps me going.
Now I'm much braver, less easily embarrassed and more willing to take on a challenge. So when I found out about the school of everything it was music to my ears! Private teachers that teach everything form Japanese to Folk Flute what more could you want?Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself school of everything


So I am off to learn how to drape. I will post my experiences on here I cant wait to learn how to do it! I get so exited about these things!!!!

Draping is in essence making a mannequin that is the same size as you and arranging the cloth in drapes and folds to become the pattern pieces that make your garment.
And just in case I am not being clear here is a dictionary definition.
"The art of creating a dress or garment simply by arranging fabric around a body using the natural fall of the fabric and techniques like pleating, gathering. The most famous drape would be the sari."
Until next time have a lovely weekend people and thank you for reading.

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