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Monday, 13 June 2011

Out of this World


Hello everyone hope you had a good weekend.
I have a little begging to do before I start...... Allot of you read this blog regularly in fact so many of you I have had over 800 hits since it started so a big thank you to everyone!
I don't know how many of you read it to be nosey or if you read it because you really enjoy it? but whatever your motivations I would really appreciate it if you would make yourself a profile and follow it so this blog can become a little bit more interactive.
Anyway that's enough begging for one day!

So my weekend was busy. After a long week at work, my little bro (actually not so little now!) came down to visit. It was a bit of a combo of seeing allot and stumbling across some more! So on Saturday morning we woke up nice and early and headed straight off to see the SI-FI exhibition, "Out of this World" at the British Library.

Now I would never really describe myself as being interested in SI-FI. The Jetsons was about as far as it went for me as a kid. I used to draw crazy inventions, but as a young dyslexic child the words of far of unrecognisable places did not appeal to me.
However this exhibition appealed to my inner child. You don't have to be a hardcore SI-FI geek to get into it. Its primary focus was on the inventiveness of the writers of SI-FI, and how many of the things that we use today have been imagined in there entirety within some of the most recognisable science fiction titles of the last century.
I would tell you some of the top facts but that might stop you for going down there.....the exhibition if free so if you live in London you don't really have an excuse!

I loved the novels covers and illustration fantasy's of the future.

OK so this post has ended up being a little bit to long so I will write bout the rest of the things I saw over the next few days......keep your eyes peeled for my naked post!
I also wanted to give you a little taste of things to come with this radiolab  podcast about talking to machines.

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