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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

My love for BRIXTON never dies

It only gets stronger. I am always scared of saying to much because I have seen East London die a death and I would hate the same to happen in my area. However I think it would be wrong not to share this little Gem with you.

It was Thursday night and i was tired after a 7.30 start at work and a mission into Central London to get a blow up bed.  Oh honestly my life is so exiting you cant even imagine! On the bus on the way home I was having a snoop around facebook, as you do, and I spotted a post form TY about United 80. His facebook posts are always on point and as a musician he for me is one of the best around. So when he put up that there was a gig in my area, and a free one at that, there was no way I wasn't getting off the bus and going to check it out.
So out came the make up on went the face and off I trundled into Brixton Village Market.  The once home of my lovely but slightly smelly studio.

All I had to do was follow the music and the crowds and there it was! Have a look for yourself UNITED VIBRATIONS WERE AMAZING.

So although I would like to keep Brixton my little secret I also understand to keep all these wonderful things going I have to share it.......so I begrudgingly tell you all to GET YOURSELF DOWN THERE.
Late night openings on Thursdays and  Saturdays !!!!

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